A green initiative for a Clean, Safe and Cost Effective Sanitation System.


A good alternative to costly conventional STP

The ecological toilet system Aquatron®, developed by the Swedish firm Aquatron International AB, is a patented compositing toilet utilizing ordinary Water Closets. The company has over 25 years of World-wide experience, with up to 10 years in India on waste water separation that works WITHOUT ELECTRICITY.

It’s not just building more toilets, rather it’s about constructing toilets which are eco-friendly and help in preserving our planet amidst mounting challenges of global warming and climate change.

Salient Features: 

  • Works with normal flush toilets
  • Separates faeces from urine and flushing water
  • Uses only momentum of flushing water, gravity and centrifugal force
  • Faeces get composted into clean, odourless soil
  • Urine and flushing water are decontaminated with a UV filter
  • Nutrient-enriched liquids can be reused e.g. for irrigation
  • Minimum Operation & Maintenance cost
  • Converts urine nutrients and composted faeces into valuable resources
  • Applicable in rural and urban settings
  • Applicable for domestic and institutional use
  • Scalable from single user to 1000s of users
  • 50 years life span

Cost Comparison for an Apartment of 20 Flats:

Conventional STP : Rs. 10 Lakhs + Civil Works
Aquatron® : Rs. 4 Lakhs + Civil Works

Indian representative of Aquatron®, Pangaea TradeTeam Private Limited bags the first prize in Swachhathon 1.0, the first ever Swachh Bharat Hackathon organized by the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Govt of India for their patented Swedish Technology, “Aquatron®.”

They bagged the first prize in the category “Early decomposition of faecal matter” among 229 contenders for this category alone from across the world on 8th September 2017 in Delhi. Award was presented by the Ministers of State, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, SS Ahluwalia and Ramesh Jigajinagion.

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