Consumables & Spares

SAARA CORPORATION provides a complete line of replacement parts commonly used in water purification systems.

We maintain an inventory of critical replacement parts and service support that are essential to keeping your water system operating without unnecessary downtime. Replacement parts are available for fast delivery and are backed by our warranty and service expertise.

Spares & Accessories Consumables
Multiport Valve (Manual & Automatic) Micron Cartridge Filter & Houisng
Rotameter (Online & Panel Mounted) Carbon Block & Housing
Pressure Gauge Bag Filter & Housing
Floaty Salt / Salt Tablet
Low Level Switch / High Level Switch Sand
Solenoid Valve Activated Carbon
Online pH Meter / TDS Meter/Conductivity Meter/Flow Meter Activated Filter Media
Handheld TDS/Conductivity/pH Meter Cation Resin
Water Meter Anion Resin
UV System Mixed Bed Resin
Control Panel RO Antiscalant
Dosing Pump SMBS
Dosing Tank Sodium Bicarbonate
Pressure Tube Citric Acid
RO Membrane Caustic Soda
Monoblock / High Pressure Pump Hydrochloric Acid
FRP Vessel / MS Vessel / SS Vessel Sodium Hypochlorite

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