Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment is the process of converting wastewater – water that is no longer needed or is no longer suitable for use – into bilge water that can be discharged back into the environment. It’s formed by a number of activities including bathing, washing, using the toilet, and rainwater runoff. Wastewater is full of contaminants including bacteria, chemicals and other toxins. Its treatment aims at reducing the contaminants to acceptable levels to make the water safe for discharge back into the environment.

There are two wastewater treatment plants namely chemical or physical treatment plant, and biological wastewater treatment plant. Biological waste treatment plants use biological matter and bacteria to break down waste matter. Physical waste treatment plants use chemical reactions as well as physical processes to treat wastewater. Biological treatment systems are ideal for treating wastewater from households and business premises. Physical wastewater treatment plants are mostly used to treat wastewater from industries, factories and manufacturing firms. This is because most of the wastewater from these industries contains chemicals and other toxins that can largely harm the environment.

With an efficient team SAARA CORPORATION provide innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions.  We work closely with clients to investigate, plan, design, and oversee the construction and start-up of facilities that treat wastewater. We also collaborate with technical associations, Govt. authorities, research organisations and regulatory agencies to maintain industry leadership and active engagement in the latest developments in wastewater treatment, odour control and bio-solids management.

Our team has first-hand experience with state-of-the-art technologies, such as MBR’s, RO, thermal hydrolysis and advanced anaerobic digestion, and trial programs for water resource recovery and energy generation.

We have extensive experience and capabilities in all aspects of wastewater management and strategic development and implementation including:

  • Water cycle management, including water use minimisation and recycling of effluent for municipal and industrial applications
  • Treatment technology design, incorporating physical/chemical, biological treatment, natural process, membranes, disinfection
  • Residuals management, including stabilisation and dewatering, hazardous wastes
  • Environmental, water quality management review and program development
  • Odour, air pollution control assessment and design
  • Alternatives analysis, concept / process design
  • Detailed design
  • Construction phase engineering services
  • Operational troubleshooting, maintenance and commissioning
  • Regulatory assistance

SAARA CORPORATION has the skills to tailor solutions that will achieve the best outcome for our clients. We help to define a strategy for wastewater, shifting the focus toward resource recovery and sustainable environmental management, for lasting community benefit.

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