Water Testing Kits

Our water testing kits are extremely simple and easy to use & make monitoring convenient and quick, thus preventive action can be taken immediately. You neither have to be a trained chemist nor require any experience to get reliable results from these test kits.

You can have complete confidence in the results you obtain from our water testing kits, as they are extremely reliable. Our water testing kits replace conventional analytical methods such as Titrimetric, Colorimetric and Spectrophotometric by simple drop test & standard colour comparison methods.

Our water testing kits reagents are completely ready to use, conveniently packed, and therefore user friendly. With drop count procedures and suitable colour comparisons are also economical.

Our water testing kits are extremely convenient, and free you from the tedium of the laboratory, while saving precious time. Now you do not have to bother about reagent preparations and standardization, therefore our water testing kits have been designed especially for you, who require accuracy of the highest standards. Our water testing kits are available for almost all water parameters.

Individual Test Kits

Total Hardness Test Kit Acidity Test Kit Alkalinity Test Kit
Amine Test Kit Ammonium Test Kit Arsenic Test Kit
Calcium Hardness Test Kit Carbon Dioxide Test Kit Chloride Test Kit
Chlorine Dioxide Test Kit Chlorine Test Kit Chromate Test Kit
Copper Test Kit Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit Fluoride Test Kit
Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit Hydrazine Test Kit Iron Test Kit
Molybdate Test Kit Nitrate Test Kit Nitrite Test Kit
Orthophosphate Test Kit pH Test Kit Phosphonate Test Kit
Silica Test Kit Sulphate Test Kit Sulfite Test Kit
Tannin Test Kit Turbidity Test Kit Zinc Test Kit

Multi-Parameters Kit

Boiler Water Test Kit Cooling Water Test Kit Drinking Water Test Kit
RO Water Test Kit Purified Water Test Kit Swimming Pool Test Kit

Application of Water Testing Kits in Different Water Systems

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