Activated Media Filter

Activated Filtration Media replaces traditional sand media in all filtration applications. It is manufactured from a specific glass type and processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape, and then activated to increase the surface area by 300 times over crushed glass or sand. The high surface area is negatively charged (zeta potential) to electro-statically attract organics and small particles. It also has permanent metal oxide catalysts, creating a high redox potential, to make Activated Filter Media self-sterilizing.


  • Over 30% lower running costs vs sand.
  • Over 50% lower chlorine consumption and lower disinfection by-products vs sand.
  • Filtration down to several microns at 100% efficiency without filtration aids.
  • More than 4 times longer lifecycle than sand.
  • Specifically engineered product, targeted for an efficient removal of priority metal oxides and other target constitutes.
  • Guaranteed prevention of channeling & biological fouling on the AFM surface.
  • Simply replace the sand in your media filters with AFM.
  • Require 15% less AFM than sand in your filters due to its lower density.
  • AFM mechanically removes most particles down to 5 microns.
  • Resistant to Bio-fouling and self-sterilizing quality AFM is not required to replace for more than 15 years.


Application Type Removed By the Use of AFM
Drinking Water Iron, Manganese, Arsenate and some priority chemicals
Municipal Wastewater Phosphorous & Bacteria, BOD, COD & TOC
Industrial Process Water Organic pollutants & oils, TSS, VSS & Particles < 1 micron
Industrial Wastewater Colors and fine fibers, Residual mineral oils


Activated Media Filter is comprises of MS /SS / FRP Pressure Vessel, Frontal piping wok with manual / Automatic multi-port valve butterfly valve / conventional valves for easy operation and control. Available from 1,000 Litres per hour to 5,00,000 Litres per hour.

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